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Long story short, when the females I date realize that I will not have sex with them before marriage, this always becomes a deal breaker in the relationship.

This has happened time and time again and now i am even afraid to get into another relationship.

But surely there are non-Bahai women out there who would respect this preference.

I would have thought that it is the women who have trouble looking into non-Bahai men but just shows you cannot stereotype these things anymore..

I am in no way questioning the Bahai laws however I know of many instances where it seemed like Bahais had rush their marriages and I often think it is because of the sex drive.

I do not believe in rushing into something as important as marriage.

Persoanlly I know this fear has always existed for me as well- concerning meeting non Bahai women who mnight be potential partners.

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When do you get around to finding out about her views on sex and relationships? I met 1 through a friend and the other 2 at their place of work."For Bah'u'llh explicitly reveals in His Book of Laws that the very purpose of marriage is the procreation of children who, when grown up, will be able to know God and to recognize and observe His Commandments and Laws as revealed through His Messengers.Marriage is thus, according to the Bah' Teachings, primarily a social and moral act.Now that the relationship is over, her close friend told me that "sex" was a big reason why she left me.This has been absolutely heartbreaking as I was in love and it has been 2 weeks since this has happened.

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