Beau mirchoff dating

On the surface, Alex and Pete could not be more different.

The recently divorced Alex is a hard-working, high-strung lawyer who is raising her 10-year-old daughter, Charlie, as a single mom...

Julie catches Susan in bed with her dad Karl, and she is forced to sleep in a small van with Susan when their house is burned down by Edie Britt (Nicollette Sheridan).

Karl buys them a new house, but Susan refuses, eventually moving back to their house in season 3.

She also helps to care for her mother after her divorce.Mike tells her he would rather she did not go as he has seen some crazy parties at the house where Julie was going.Even though Susan had previously given Julie permission to go to the party, she sides with Mike and Julie is forbidden to go.During the second season, Julie expressed concern over Susan's remarriage to Karl, but agreed to it because she wanted Susan to have her surgery to remove her wandering spleen.Julie recognizes that Zach has changed and rekindles their romance.

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