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Even when applying for jobs in which bilingualism isn’t a necessity, your ability to speak another language will give you a leg up on the competition.

Inhibitory control is one of these executive functions, and it involves controlling your thoughts and behavior in order to do what is necessary or appropriate, rather than reacting based on old habits, conditioned responses or external lures.That extra gray matter (or cognitive reserve) has another benefit as well: Delaying the effects of dementia. Ellen Bialystok found that bilinguals show symptoms of dementia four years later than monolinguals, all other factors being equivalent.The results suggest bilinguals have built up a cognitive reserve, which helps their brains compensate for mental decline for several additional years.For example, it helps us suppress the urge to touch a particularly appealing sculpture in a museum or to curse when we hurt ourselves in the presence of a child.Inhibitory control is what enables a bilingual individual to effortlessly switch between languages.

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