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Continue Reading » [I]f you have been told you have excellent credit or your credit score is in the upper 700s or even 800, you may think the sky's the limit on applications.You get a wake-up call when a creditor tells you that your application has been rejected.Here are some ways to make sure your credit is ready...Continue Reading » [R]etailers look at the holiday season as their time to make money and make up for any struggles from the rest of the year.[I]f you have bad credit, it can be difficult to qualify for a car loan. Before you go out and apply for money to purchase a vehicle, there are some things you should know.Check Your Credit Before you fill out any applications for car loans, you need to take a...

Hardship payment programs are a bank’s loss mitigation effort for credit card debts. I cover the many issues with missing payments, and hardship repayment plans in general, in more detail below.

What are bank sponsored credit card hardship payment plans?

Banks reach out through the phone and with mailers in an effort to get accounts that have fallen behind back on track.

Take some time to understand what the minimum credit requirements are ahead of time and avoid an inconvenient and embarrassing lending experience.

The earlier this is identified, the more time you have to ensure your credit score is exactly where you need to be.

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