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Our fun and sophisticated matching system calculates which members are a good fit for you based on the information you provide us.Have fun answering our match questions and discovering what you have in common with other members.The Rift Valley is home to deputy president William Ruto.The electoral commission canceled the vote in four counties for security reasons. Opposition supporters have been protesting in some parts of the country. Some political observers question the legitimacy of the latest election because 12 million registered voters did not mark ballots. She works for Partners Global, an organization that works for peaceful and democratic change.

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At least nine people have died from election-related violence since Thursday. Correspondent Mohammed Yusuf reported this story from Kisumu, Kenya.offers you a safer way to meet and get to know other genuine, professional singles from Nairobi and all around Kenya.We are a members-only website, meaning only approved members will have access to the site and all the fun features.He says Kenyatta will have to change the way he talks about his victory if he is to be able to govern his divided country.“Now it’s up to him to decide whether he wants to sound like a conciliatory leader who’s attempting to bring Kenyans together or whether that’s not the route he chooses to go on and from his initial remarks today, it does not sound like he’s willing to speak to Raila to try and find some common ground and move the country forward.” Chris Hennemeyer says he does not believe the election will stop Kenya from playing an important role in East Africa.

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