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Everyone knows the main power couple in the mushroom kingdom is Peach and Mario, a relationship which has survived in spite of Mario’s very public Mushroom addiction, but you know who never gets any love, literally? Of course, as lucahjihn soon finds out, Wario’s just working on his next scam here.Playing the game completely cold - as in, she’s never tried it before - everything on display here is about as new to her as it is to you.I gotta say this game does come off as rather easy.

Check out this meltdown that Pewdiepie has while trying to impress Harry Styles.

While it’s not in your face funny, and the premise may seem a bit silly (if not daunting) at first, there’s a level of honesty and authenticity to it that is so rarely distilled in gaming on You Tube.

Dark does this because he loves it, and the fans watch because they love it too - haters be damned.

Spoiler alert, Lucah’s ship comes in, and her reaction is as entertaining as the intimate descriptions are disturbing.

Honestly, this is worth the price of admission just to hear the vivid, text-only descriptions of the love scene - and to picture it happening between Wario and Waluigi. Markiplier I know we’ve been looking at a lot of big name You Tubers just now, so in the spirit of giving a hand to some of the smaller channels, we’d thought we’d check out a little niche channel that we discovered while doing our research.

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