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I was calm all the way up until the point where I stood in front of her door. Resisting Mistress was not an option and so I just had to figure out a way to make it happen. An image formed in my mind of her naked and rubbing her body over the fur, enjoying the softness tickling her nipples and pussy. I moved to the center of the room and slowly and quietly peeled off my clothes. Under Mistress Sarah’s instructions I now only wore panties. In my naked state, I felt completely vulnerable and submissive and this caused my cock to throb. I had dreamed about worshiping her pussy over and over again. The dress held her tits tightly, presenting them beautifully. "Good girl," she complimented as I worshiped her foot. The soft fabric felt amazing against my sensitive cock. "My little sluts been a little naughty, haven't you? Chills filled my body as she slowly traced the whip up my legs, around my ass, and up my back. That hurts Mistress." "Of course it does," exclaimed Mistress while whipping me two more times. Mistress Sarah whipped my ass again, taking pleasure in the bright red marks left from the chords. Tell me you want to be whipped hard." I tensed my body and responded, "Please whip me hard Mistress." "Much better slave," replied Mistress Sarah.

That's when suddenly my knees grew week and my heart pounded in my chest. I was about to knock when suddenly my phone started to ring in my pocket. My communication with her this time had always been electronic. "Hello Mistress Sarah." The words seemed so natural to me, even though my voice wavered with nervousness. It's so nice to see that you are on time." Then she asked, "Are you ready to completely submit to me? I am ready to submit to you." "Good girl, then you may come in. Be a good girl and fold them neatly before putting them in the bag." "Yes Mistress," I replied. "Once you are completely naked you will get down on your hands and knees and crawl over to the stairs. Her direct commands had already put me into a submissive state of mind. You will not look-up, speak, or move, until I give you permission to do so, you will be quiet and you will not be hard. " "Yes, Mistress," I replied, uncertain that I could obey the last order. I felt a bit silly and awkward stripping in the middle of a strange room. I paused for a moment, still wondering if anyone was watching. I glanced at the stairway to the right of the living room and remembered her orders. She savoured the view of her slave kneeling at the bottom of the stairs. She wanted to race down the steps and quickly take control of her slave but she knew that a slow descent would be more suspenseful and tantalizing to her slave. Slowly and deliberately Mistress Sarah walked down the steps, knowing that her slave was intently listening to each step and knowing that the closer she moved to him, the faster his heart beat and the more excited he became. Now the real thing was above me like a succulent fruit. Then she teased, "Treat each toe like its own little sex organ pet. Mistress Sarah placed a finger on the center of my chest. When she was behind me she placed the palms of her hands on the back of my shoulders and gently slid them down my back. My body tensed slightly, wondering when the spanking would start. Before I could get too excited Mistress brought the whip back and gave me a quick slap on the ass. As I flinched my cock pushed into the furry couch and I was rewarded with a burst of soft pleasure. She whipped my ass again and again, harder and harder each time. Then she gave me three hard whips across my ass and the back of my legs. Then I felt the whip being lightly dragged over my hot skin. Mistress Sarah kissed me on the cheek and whispered, "Good girl. I am proud of you being so brave." "Thank you," I replied, happy to get her approval.

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Mistress Sarah gently blew into my arse and watched my sphincter muscle quiver at the unexpected sensation.

I felt completely submissive and vulnerable on display for Mistress.

She laughed at my weakness and pinched my nipples hard one more time. Then she placed the palms of her hand on each side of my chest.

Sensitive nipples, just like a girl." Then she pinched my nipples hard startling me and making me gasp.

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