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“Really need the distraction.” The unknown girl smiled before giving Kaitlyn a wink followed by another parting kiss.She turned on the spot and descended the three stairs, helped by the auburn haired beauty giving her a smack on her bottom much like she had done to Molly at the end of their last scene. I’m finding a way into her pants.” Molly knew she had to play it just right with the younger girl.The beautiful brunette pondered her options the whole day.Essentially the only times she was thinking about how to bed her adorable co-star was when she was shooting scenes for their show.

“Right,” Kaitlyn agreed as she gave her on-screen sister a high five.Her other major asset, her beautifully plump ass that an ex-boyfriend once told her to give back to whatever black girl she stole it from, was also drawing attention due to the super tight jeans she was wearing.“Good job Kaitlyn…only needing one take for a longer shot.However, she didn’t make that public due to working in show business, and also because it was no one else’s business.While Kaitlyn wasn’t shouting her sexuality from the top of buildings either, she wasn’t as careful hiding her’s.

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