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Nevertheless, an imaging request and especially an MRI needs to be judicious and scrutinized by the physician who ordered it. Many patients view the MRI as a security blanket, and will go as far as requesting it.There are numerous cases of diagnostic problems that result from misuse of the MRI. Den kan lages nesten ferdig dagen før, og oppbevares i kjøleskapet til den skal stekes. Dette en pastarett som er artig å sette sammen, og det er enkelt å få et bra resultat.Thereby, the risk is to treat the non-pathological disk disease; and what it could represent the potential consequences of a harmful surgical intervention.At the end, requesting and MRI without a clear justification and especially without a proper doctor referral might cause more harm than benefit.The technique has brought a revolution in medicine and the rapid progress is still being made with an unsuspected potential of new developments with the ability to perform not only studies to see all the anatomy of the whole body, but also to analyse the activity of different organs of the body; as for instance detect the brain activity.There is a growing number of MRI requests by doctors, due to the ability to have a proper picture of the human anatomy and detect promptly the disease suspected.

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One of the most common examples is lumbar disk herniation.

It can be found a protrusion or herniation on an MRI of the lumbar spine in 60% of the population without any complaints at all.

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