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The brush rolls work together to remove large and small particles and stuck on dust from carpets and hard floors with ease.We added the second soft brush so you can seamlessly move from room to room, cleaning carpets and hard floors without stopping to switch heads.

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With Duo Clean there’s nowhere for dirt to hide and no more ‘snow ploughing’ and spreading mess, just brilliant cleaning performance in one (or) a single pass.

With handy on-board tools cleaning above head, under furniture and usually hard to reach areas just got a whole lot easier.

A game changer in vacuum cleaning thanks to Duo Clean Technology. Unlike conventional vacuums that use one brush bar, Duo Clean gives you 2 brush rolls working in unison to remove 3 different types of dirt from your floors and carpets: Large, small and stuck on particles.

That’s Triple Particle Cleaning using Duo Clean technology and no other vacuum can give you that.

The soft, velvet like brushroll comes in direct contact with all hard floors, removing stuck-on dirt, fine dust and large objects whilst restoring your floors natural Lustre.

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