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Tuesday at a parking lot in the 2600 block of Ogden Avenue, Aurora, according to police.The block is across South Eola Road from Waubonsie Valley High School and across Ogden Avenue from Fischer Middle School.But instead of a woman he'd been messaging for days, the man found himself in the car with a robber.During the course of days-long conversation through the messaging app of a popular dating site, a woman — or someone using a woman's profile — asked the man if he smoked marijuana. Later, the two agreed to meet in person around p.m.The man later tried to contact the woman he'd been messaging, only to discover that her profile had disappeared from the site.Police are working on leads in the continuing investigation, said spokesman Dan Ferrelli.

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Aurora police warn that social media and online dating sites offer people with criminal intentions the "luxury of anonymity.""They can be very adept at gaining trust (and personal information) without you knowing exactly who you are dealing with," police news release said.

She said she would pay him back when she got there. The woman told him to sound his horn so the dealer would know which car he was in, according to police. When he did, a man who had been standing outside a neighboring gas station approached, got into the car and demanded all of the victim's money, according to police.

Fearing he would be attacked, the victim handed over an undisclosed amount of cash. The Aurora man was not injured, according to police.

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