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*tear* Expectation: You and all your besties will have the most epic Galentine's Day ever.You'll spend the night together baking, having a dance party in your room, and watching romantic movies starring all your celeb crushes.I wish I had pictures but I was too busy terrified by it all.I expected the dancing to be bad, but maybe not THAT bad. It took a group of really awesome dance floor buddies, a couple of glow sticks, and “Call Me Maybe” to come on but lord almighty I survived the prom dance floor. Right off the bat I was going into prom with an “IDGAF” attitude and the same mindset applied to my look for prom.Reality: Your SO asks you the day-of what you want to do for Valentine's day, or worse, completely forgets about it altogether. I never cared about prom during most of my high school career.Reality: You both decide the effort to get all dressed up and go on a fancy date is so OTT.Why not just order some pizza, cuddle up on the couch in your sweats, and watch a movie (of Expectations: Your SO will give you something really meaningful as a gift — something that says "I've been dating this girl for 6 months and I know her inside and out." Like tickets to that Shawn Mendes concert you've been obsessing over for the past two months.

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Here are 8 hilarious ways that prom night will remind you that you are not, in fact, Jasmine or Cinderella or Merida or ...

Although I didn’t stress about it I did plan my look a lot.

I knew exactly how I wanted my hair, what make-up I was going to wear, and what my jewelry would be.

I always rolled my eyes at nearly every single seemingly iconic high school event (like pep rallies, the homecoming football game, etc.) and prom was no exception.

But last week I actually went to my prom — and it turned out to be pretty fun. Movies and TV shows have filled the precious heads of teenagers with this idea that prom is the night “Where It All Happens.” Do not expect anything amazing to happen except a chicken finger buffet* and some dancing, trust me.

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