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To do that, the company says it’s working with notable streamers to get them to play the game and show it off to their audiences, and it’s also working on building a pro e-sports league to prove just how competitive finally makes its global debut tomorrow, it will mark a reversal of sorts.

Game developers, particularly those working in mobile, have long seen China as a giant untapped market for Western-made games.

This summer, just wasn’t the success that we thought it would be,” the game’s publisher said in May.

“Sustaining the game at a satisfactory level has become difficult, no matter how much we want to keep it going.” also has an issue of perception.

Tencent started with south Asia, and more recently, the game debuted in a handful of European countries, including Spain, Germany, Italy, and France.

But the Chinese gaming market, where consoles were only recently introduced after a lengthy ban, is very different than its counterparts in the US and Europe. Tencent even built an independent team focused on tweaking the experience for each individual country.

One fo the aims is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% of the 1990 levels by 2012 collectively forcountries starred on this list.

The map, above (you can get it as a PDF file here) is produced by Guardian graphic artists Mark Mc Cormick and Paul Scruton.

The company regularly cites the game as a big driver in its earnings reports, and it has proven so popular that Tencent implemented restrictions to keep kids under 12 from playing more than an hour a day.

Urban legends about abound: a recent slate of headlines suggested a player went blind because she couldn’t stop looking at her phone.

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