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is for Oasis: Noel Gallagher was a roadie for a band called The Inspiral Carpets.

One of their tour posters listing a series of venues, including the Oasis Leisure Centre, Swindon, was stuck on the wall of his brother Liam’s room.

The beetles have missed you.’ As Paul Mc Cartney later discovered, ‘Beetles’ is slang for motorcycle girls. is for Creedence Clearwater Revival: originally called The Golliwogs.

John Fogerty’s legendary Sixties rock band wisely changed their name to one based on a friend of Fogerty’s called Credence Newball; a TV ad for Olympia beer which boasted of the ‘clear water’ used in its brewing; and ‘revival’ because that was what the band hoped would happen to their fortunes.

80% of Catholics are no longer Catholic by the time they turn 23. Only 20% of Catholics that go through our system later apply that faith to their lives when they reach the age of 23. Youth leave the Church because they have not encountered Christ and His love. That’s what the Christian desires more than anything else. To be with the One that loves you more than any other.

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is for the Faces: a ‘face’ was the term used by Sixties Mods to describe a respected member of their scene.

is for Nirvana: the grunge band were named after the Buddhist state of freedom from suffering by band leader Kurt Cobain, precisely because of the contrast with his angry, anguished, pain-racked sound.

‘I wanted a name that was kind of beautiful or nice and pretty instead of a mean, raunchy punk rock name like the angry Samoans,’ he later explained.

is for Duran Duran: originally formed at the Birmingham club the Rum Runner as a rival to London-based new romantic groups like Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran took their name from the villain in the camp Sixties sci-fi film Barbarella, whose name was Dr Durand Durand.

It was no coincidence that Barbarella’s was a rival nearby nightclub.

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