Who is cm punk dating in real life

For athletes like the following, enough was enough.If you know anything about pro wrestling, you know Ric Flair.Bryan's wife, wrestler Brie Bella, discussed her husband's struggles on her reality television show, , saying, "What a lot of people don't know about [Bryan] is he's been battling depression since he was 25.And really our whole relationship I've been used to his depression, but definitely in the last two years I know, OK it comes, it hits hard, but it only lasts for two days." It appears that Bryan is leaving the ring at just the right time, before—as we'll see with some of the other retirees in this article—it's too late.In an interview with prowrestlingstories.com, Hart says of the moment, "I dropped him on his head. I knew right then; there's something wrong…" For Austin, the realization was immediate: "As soon as my head hit that mat, I was thinking Christopher Reeve.Cause I thought I was never gonna walk again, ever.Almost a year later, on his friend Colt Cabana's podcast, Punk finally explained his departure, dropping a salvo of bombs that would impress a B-2 crew.

"I probably had stenosis when Jeff (Hardy) landed on me through that ladder at Wrestle Mania 23," he said. As a result, many athletes ignore nagging pains for too long, for fear of disrespecting the culture or losing a contract. Finally WWE said 'that's it, dude.'" This wrestler's rallying cry of "Cuz Stone Cold Said So!

I couldn't feel anything from my neck down." And even though Austin returned to the ring after the incident, Summerslam '97 marked the beginning of the end.

He would go on to reinjure his neck and incur several concussions.

So what finally got the Nature Boy to hang up his robe for good?

Well, that would be Jerry Lawler's heart attack, which happened live on RAW in September of 2012.

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